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Back to the Basics 

Founding Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission: Back to the Basic's Mission is to help rebuild and restore our communities through social education and life empowerment to youth and adults to evolve and sustain life. Back to the Basics has identified that most behaviors (positive or negative) are carried out to fulfill a “Basic” need. Each service we provide addresses at least one of the needs identified in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Our Vision

Back to the Basics is fully committed to assisting individuals to identify the positive and effective strategies in getting basic needs met to enhance the potential for personal and community success. Individuals with certain life experiences may not have had the introduction, education, or exposure to support them in getting their basic needs met without negatively impacting their lives, families, or communities



is Community First!

Thank you to our amazing 

community partners, supporters and sponsors

that continue to support our vision!

Your Kindness and Donations 

Help to Further Our Work!

Our agency collaborates with individual sponsors, community partners, and department agencies that are working to produce public safety, social equity, and economic empowerment for under-served and under-represented communities.​

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